Editing or modifying the appearance of the blog is fun and is actually not difficult if we know a little more about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) scripts, HTML, and Javascript. This we want to do usually because we want to make the blog look cooler, give a new colour and atmosphere, or maybe we are bored with the look of the blog that’s all.

Reading the script/code is certainly a bitch especially for beginner bloggers including me. But if we understand a little more about the code, things that were annoying can be fun. Immediately, see the following way/tutorial.

First login to the blogger.com account> Open the blog to be edited> On the blogger, menu bar on the left, click Templates> On the Template, menu clicks Edit HTML.

If you have opened the Edit HTML let it first, now open your blog, friend, we will make editing the appearance of the blog from Inspect Element first.
Inspect Elements / Check Elements we will edit style, colour, size and so on. Right-click on the part to be edited, select Check Element / Inspect Element.

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For editing, I recommend using the Mozilla Firefox browser, download here, because to modify CSS is easier and more flexible, or Chrome is also not a problem.

The HTML code to the left, and the CSS code to the right of the Inspect Element.

Edit the HTML code by right-clicking the desired HTML code, then Edit As HTML or just press F2 on the code. Then it looks like in Figure 1 (See below post).
To edit the CSS code, click the CSS Property / Value that is to the right of the Inspect Element, then change or modify it as desired. In the example below, I am changing the value of the background colour of the .menu element. Example in Figure 2 (See below posting).

Firefox users, go to the inspect element section, select Style Editor / Style Editor, to focus on editing CSS. Editing HTML on the Inspector / Inspector tab Inspect Element. Example in Figure 3 (See below posting).
Select the main style of your blog you want to edit or check one by one the set of CSS on the left of the following image. Please, Friend, mess with the CSS in the middle column. Example in Figure 4 (See below posting).

Don’t hesitate to delete or add code to CSS or HTML, because this editing is temporary, and only happens to your computer.

Just continue editing, if you have found or completed the desired design, save or copy the new HTML and CSS code, to Edit HTML that is on your Blog, just search on the blog with CTRL + F to make it easier to find the code to be replaced.

And again, don’t stop trying to keep trying, if you haven’t succeeded try and try again, because the more often we find problems and solve them, the more our experience in web designing.

Also use this blog’s colour generator tool and HTML CSS editor, which might make it easier for you to edit.

Hopefully, the tutorial or explanation that I wrote in this article can help my friend bloggers to modify the appearance of the blog or website. Thank you.